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How do I register my team?

In order to qualify to register a team with, you need to first place a team order.  A team order is considered any initial order of over 12 suits of the same solid color, print, or custom design.

When you request to be registered as a team by sending us an e-mail message or calling us, we will need the following information from you:

1. Team name
2. Team address
3. Team representative's name
4. Team representative's address
5. Team representative's e-mail address
6. Team representative's phone number

The team representative is considered the person responsible for ordering team suits.

What happens when I register my team?

Your team will be included on our list of registered teams.  When you or your team members place an order for your team suits or any other item, they can identify themselves as team members by 1) going to our list and getting the team identification number to enter in their personal account with and 2) identifying the name of the team representative.

Why should I register my team?

There are two reasons to register your team with

1. You can delegate future orders by team members so that they can order and pay for their suits themselves.  This means that all those individuals who come to you after the initial order is placed to order "one more suit" for themselves can be sent to our website.  You don't need to be responsible for ordering these suits one at a time, suit after suit, for people who decide later on that they would also like a team suit.  All you have to do is make sure they know their team name, the team's state, and your name.

2. The team members will receive our team price on everything they order from  This includes their team suits and ALL OTHER products.  This represents a substantial savings for your team members in all their purchases.