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Custom Dyed Pricing Tool

STEP 1.       Select ALL the styles you want to purchase
(to obtain the lowest price, you need to enter everything you want to buy at the same time):
Select the styles by checking the checkbox next to the style name.

BackPack Bikini Thin Straps Bottom
Bikini Thin Straps Top BikiniBack Bottom
BikiniBack Top Board Shorts Elastic 9 inch Inseam
Board Shorts Female Board Shorts Male 21 inch Outseam
Bodysuit Bodysuit Reverse Zip
Brief Brief 2.0
Brief Euro Brief Euro 2.0
Brief Euro Reversible Brief Reversible
ClosedBack Reversible Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
Fitted Athletic Mens Polo Shirt Fitted Athletic Shirt Crew Neck
Fitted Athletic Shirt V Neck Flannel Pants
Flip Flops Freeback
Freeback 2.0 Freeback Youth
Full Tights Guard Beanie
GuardKini Bottom GuardKini Top
Hooded Sweatshirt Jammer
Knee Length Bodysuit Knee Length Proback
Mesh Bag L 25x19 in Mesh Bag M 21x14 in
Mesh Bag S 14x10 in Mesh Bag XL 29x22 in
Mesh Bag XXL 42x31 in Parka
Pocket Singlet Proback
Rashguards Long Sleeve Rashguards Short Sleeve
Reversible Tank Robe
Rugby Short Sleeve Shirt Short Sleeve CurveSpace
Short Sleeve ShoulderSpace Shorts 6 inch Inseam
Singlet Front Zipper Male Singlet Long
Singlet Short Singlet Track Female
Singlet Track Male SkimpyBack
Spliced Full Tights Split Track Short Female
Split Track Short Male Sport Bag L
Sport Bag M Sport Bag S
Sprintback 2.0 Square Leg
Stadium Blanket Swim Cap
Swim Skirt Tankini Top
Team Banner 55"x39" ThinStraps
ThinStraps 1X ThinStraps 2.0
ThinStraps 2X ThinStraps Youth
TieBack Towel Microfiber L 39x26 in
Towel Microfiber M 31x17 in Towel Microfiber S 16x17 in
Towel Microfiber XL 51x35 in Towel Microfiber XXL 60x36 in
Training Suit Training Suit Euro
Training Suit Reversible TriShort Leg Band Male
TriSuit Female TriSuit Male
U-Back Warm-up Jacket Female
Warm-up Jacket Male Warm-up Pants Female
Warm-up Pants Male Water Polo Cap 10 cm numbers
Water Polo Cap 8 cm numbers

STEP 2.       Enter the number of colors that you want on the suits
(not including white)

Number of Colors:

When you are done with Steps 1 and 2, please press the "NEXT" button below