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Custom colors uses the Pantone formula guide coated

Select from hundreds of colors!: can make any color for your team. 
However, some colors require a mixing charge.
(The "standard" custom colors do not require a mixing charge.)

Standard custom dyed colors


Navy Blue
PMS 282

Classic Blue
PMS 286

Flame Scarlet
PMS 185

 Bright Green
PMS 355

Capri Blue
PMS 320


Forest Green
PMS 350

Grape Juice
PMS 2627

Orange Peel
PMS 021

Spectra Yellow
PMS 116

Sky Blue
PMS 2915

Fuchsia Pink
PMS 213




Neutral Grey
PMS 429

PMS 209


Pinecone Brown
PMS 4625

on-standard custom dyed colors that DO NOT require a mixing charge


Dark Blue Green
PMS 5473

Antique Gold
PMS 4515

Deep Lavender
PMS 2587

PMS 4655

Sun Orange
PMS 138

Peacock Blue
PMS 3125
Bright Lime Green
PMS 375
Charcoal Grey
PMS 431

Sample of non-standard custom dyed colors used by teams*


Silver Birch*
PMS 427

Milk Chocolate*
PMS 4695

Brick Red*
PMS 202

PMS 360


Teal Green*
PMS 323q

PMS 316q

Golf Green*
PMS 335

Teal Blue*
PMS 327




PMS 200

Vibrant Orange*
PMS 1505

Aqua Sky Blue*
PMS 319

Seafoam Green*
PMS 373

Saphire Blue*
PMS 288


Brilliant Blue*
PMS 2995

Powder Blue*
PMS 278

*requires a mixing charge