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Our Bodysuit has a high neck and a zipper back to provide the best hydrodynamics under the water.  This style is particularly popular for water polo players.
Our Reverse Zip bodysuit was developed for water polo.  It has a high neck and a reverse zipper (closure at bottom) to provide optimal hydrodynamics and reduce the opportunity for the zipper to open during play.
The freeback suit is an all-purpose style suit for work-outs and swim meets. The fit is designed to be more roomy across the shoulders and chest with slightly narrower hips than the sprintback style.
Our Knee Length Bodysuit is an excellent racing suit for competitions.  It is available for men and women.

Our Knee Length Proback is an excellent racing suit for women.  It has the added kneelength coverage for competition, combined with our comfortable, open proback straps.
The ProBack suit is designed to be a high performance racing suit. Therefore, it is not lined in order to be a lighter, faster suit. It also provides less coverage than the Sprintback and Freeback, with a higher cut leg and derriere and a lower cut around the arms and back.
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